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Success Stories

We are proud to have so many success stories from large weight loss results to competing in triathlons to simply regaining their confidence and love for life. Success comes in so many forms and we’re here to help you celebrate yours

Best Trainer I’ve ever worked with

I’ve been working with KT now for 9 months on a number of fitness and health programmes she has devised for people like me. I was a member of a local gym and thought I was relatively fit doing 2-3 spinning classes per week, 1 run and the odd weights class. I thought the amount of exercise I was doing would surely give me the results I wanted. However, KT advised me to try a different way of training

Great with my teenage daughter

Katie worked 4 sessions a week with my teenage daughter over the summer and not only did she loose a stone in weight,she got significantly fitter. Katie built up up a close trusting relationship with my daughter and improved her confidence and self belief both of which were low after problems with bullying at high school. Alison Bretnall (Daughter, 15)

Something had to change and it did

I was overweight, had a poor diet and no motivation to change – that was until I met KT. After attending 2 sessions per week with her I could see and feel a big difference. By finding a good balance between food and diet it kick-started me to make a change and this time for good.

My Massive Transformation

I stated working with KT because I had piled on the pounds after having my baby. I’d set myself a goal to lose one dress size before my birthday, which was in 6 months so I felt it was completely realistic. I had no idea I’d look better than I did before I had my baby.

Not just a personal trainer

KT has been more than just a Personal Trainer for me. She has helped to transform my life; after years of illness I had many issues not only physical but mental: from anxiety, lack of confidence and fear through to no stamina and general physical weakness.


I lost 4 stone and ran a half marathon

I met KT around 3 years ago when I had high blood pressure and was overweight. I didn’t realise my weight had got out of hand until one of my children said something. I lost 4 stone and ran Chester’s half marathon and now feel amazing. KT is great – she even lets the kids come during half term, so nothing interferes with my training!”


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