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Success Stories

We are proud to have so many success stories from large weight loss results to competing in triathlons to simply regaining their confidence and love for life. Success comes in so many forms and we’re here to help you celebrate yours

Dynamic KT is the best personal trainer ever

KT is a pocket dynamo. She pushes you to your limits and beyond but manages to do this with humour and encouragement, even when your coordination sometimes fails you.

I didn’t realise trainers like this existed

I’ve been training with Katie for over 2 years now and have gone from an unfocused gym goer to a focused guy who now competes in various racing events. What you get with Katie is a personal touch that focuses on what you want to achieve as a person.  I have been shown so many training techniques that have dramatically improved my fitness, strength and flexibility.

A personal trainer and a friend

A friend recommended KT Chaloner to me and I haven’t looked back. I’ve lost 2 stone along the way and intend to lose the other 2 over the next 12 months. KT is someone I look forward to seeing, which makes training so much easier to do at 7am at the start and end of the week.

The wind is in my sails and I’m so much more now…

I originally came to KT after an operation led to me being inactive for a year. I wanted to lose 2 stone and get ready for a windsurfing holiday – little did I know I would get much more than that! KT challenged me in a way that pushed me further than I thought I could ever go and I’m so proud of my achievements. It’s no longer about weight loss and ‘looking good’; working with KT has made me stronger and fitter than I ever was, or thought I could be.

Fitter at 59 than I was at 39!

I first trained with kate 18 months ago to help me rehab my knee after a difficult couple of operations. I got so frustrated with katie! On and on and on with static excercises till I had almost had enough – but she knew best, wouldnt let me move on until all the strength and stability necessary to support a return to sport was in place. I never looked back after that and have enjoyed a fantastic year being one of her clients.

The initial goal was just the beginning. I’m so much more now

I have been training with KT for about 18 months now and am the fittest I have ever been in my 45 years!!! KT encourages and motivates but listens as well (something a lot of trainers don’t do). She wants to achieve your goal as much as you do and is there every step of the way. Just fantastic!!!