5 Minute Summer Body Holiday Workouts

The summer is most definitely here and schools out! That can only mean one thing….SUMMER HOLIDAYS! You’ve no doubt been working your little tush off to get bikini ready in order to strip off with confidence when you hit the beach. So, why stop?! Don’t work all year to look hot this summer and then ruin it all with two weeks worth of sun lounger laziness. The answer is here in the shape of 5 minute beach workouts.

Online fitness programmes

Skinny Jeans School Launches a Virtual School

KT Chaloner’s 8 weeks to weight loss success is now online! The finest weight loss school is now available to anyone at anytime. Now you don’t have to live in Chester to benefit from KT’s expertise, as you can join skinny jeans school ONLINE! This dedicated weight loss school has been transforming the lives of women since 2013 by helping them to take control of their nutrition and helping them to not only lose weight healthily, but keep it off for good.

Super Toning Range with Balance Me

Balance Me Super Toning Range 3 for 2

We are now offering the Balance Me Skin Care products at the studio and have a 3 for 2 offer on the amazing super toning range that includes: 200ml Body Wash, 150ml Body Polish and 200ml Body Oil. This range is designed to target cellulite-prone skin and enhance tone and texture of vulnerable areas such as hips, thighs, bottom and upper arms. This is a fabulous way to treat your skin and compliment your efforts in exercise and nutrition.

Matt Lancaster

Studio launches ‘Boys only’ circuit classes

In a female dominated environment we thought it was about time we launched something “just for the lads”, so we’ve done just that! Every Tuesday and Thursday at 8.15pm it is “BOYS NIGHT”. Matt Lancaster is on hand to put you through your paces in an all male testosterone filled environment. This means you can sweat everywhere, grunt as much as you want and don’t have to mind your P’s & Q’s. What a way to spend your evenings!

Soy Chicken and Coconut Quinoa with Skinny Jeans School

RECIPE OF THE MONTH! Soy Salmon (or Chicken) and Coconut Quinoa

This is such a little treat and every once in a while it really hits the spot! This isn’t the meal to have every night, but once in a while it makes for a tasty little reward. Perhaps save it for the night when everyone else is indulging in a take-away! 

Skinny Jeans School with KT Chaloner

Skinny Jeans School Chester now open to book!

Skinny Jeans School with KT Chaloner is now open to book! The September term starts 8th September at 6.30pm for 8 weeks. There are only 10 spaces available on this 8 weeks to weight loss success programme, so be quick to grab yours! The full course is £150 and includes your weekly group workout and weigh in at the studio, 8 weeks of home workouts, your elimination programme, 8 weeks of nutritional education and hundreds of recipes. This programme truly works, so if you want to lose weight, then nows your chance. You can read more about skinny jeans school and book you place by clicking here

Buckwheat and Blueberry Pancakes

This feels like a treat, but it’s really not. In fact, if you make a big batch you can have these a couple of days on the trot – the pancake mix will keep in the fridge. By adding Blueberries to the pancake you get a nice antioxidant rich breakfast packed full of vitamin C… a lovely morning boost. You can also munch on one of these pancakes during an afternoon snack. All in all quite a versatile little recipe and let’s face it, who doesn’t like pancakes?! This recipe is a slightly adapted version from James Duigan Clean and Lean Diet Cookbook

Vegetable Risotto with Cashew Nuts

This recipe was created for me by Anita Bean for my residential retreat and is a tasty, tasty treat! I love Risotto of an evening. Something very satisfying about it. Then add the cashew nuts and I’m in heaven. Anita is such a well respected nutritionist who works with many sporting teams, so it’s great she’s been able to add some recipes for me.

Moroccan Style Vegetable Stew with Harissa

An all time favourite because you guessed it… it uses the slow cooker!!! Hooray… an easy recipe you throw in at lunch time (or morning), switch on and enjoy later with little effort. Like a house husband all to yourself only better! This is a tasty dish that can warm you on a cold day. Think Tagine without the cooking! This recipe has been taken from Australian Womens Weekly More Slow Cooking Recipes

Pesto Crusted Salmon

This is such a simple recipe and so easy to do if you’re short on time. The herby flavours of the pesto compliment the salmon brilliantly.  Serve with Brown basmati rice if eaten after a workout or you can serve with quinoa and mixed vegetables.