Small Group personal training with KT Chaloner

Small Group Personal Training

Small group personal training is your opportunity to work with a personal trainer on a tailor made programme to achieve your goals, but instead of working alone, you will work with 4 other like-minded people who are also working on their tailor made programme. Everyone works individually, but everyone comes together. Hence half the price and double the fun!

prices and packages group trainingSmall group PT is the missing piece for those who are currently or have previously exercised in a gym, but failed to see the results they’ve been striving for. Perhaps you didn’t know how to progress your programme beyond your initial induction, perhaps you’ve plateaued or not known how to adjust the variables i.e weights, repetitions or rest periods accordingly. Small Group Personal Training takes your training to next level and allows you to finally achieve your goals and perfect what you’ve previously been dissatisfied with. It’s time for results.

Half the Price. Double the Fun. All the Benefits

Small Group Personal Training is a way for you to share the studio space (and the cost) with 3 other like-minded people (that we find) whilst working on your individual programme. It is perfect for those who know how to exercise, but still need some guidance and motivation. It’s half-way-house between private personal training and doing your own thing, which makes it perfect for those who just need a little push. Often members move from private 121 personal training into group personal training after they’ve completed 3-6 months with us, as they feel they know enough to manage their own session, but still want our guidance on programme type, intensity and motivation.

If small group personal training is for you, then contact me now so we can get you started. We always start in the first week of the month with everyone 121 session for programme design and then complete 3-6 group sessions before the end of the month. Get in touch now to book your initial programme with me. Small Group Personal Training currently takes place at 7am on Wednesdays morning with KT Chaloner

How we create your small group personal training programme

Everyone who joins our small group personal training programme can do so as an individual. You don’t need to provide friends or other people to share, your session – we’ll do that for you. All you need to know is you’ll be sharing the studio with 3-4 great people who are equally determined to achieve their goal. Small group personal training sessions are held at set times on set days and due to the nature of the programme flexibility to change your session isn’t available. If you need this flexibility I’d recommend you go for 121 private personal training . However, if Small Group Personal Training is for you, then there are many benefits for you to enjoy:

  1. Each Group Personal Training session will only have 5 individuals training at any one time
  2. Each Group Personal Training session will have a Level 3 qualified & highly experienced Personal Trainer leading the session
  3. When you join a Group Personal Training programme you will have a 121 Personal Training session at the start of each month and shown your individualised programme designed specifically for your goals
  4. During each Group Personal Training session you will work through your own personalised programme
  5. During each session the Personal Training will help you, and the others, with: selecting the right weights, correct technique, motivation and ensuring you progress through your programme at the right pace to deliver results
  6. Depending on whether you train once or twice a week you will have one or two programmes and these will be amended or changed at the start of each month to ensure you progress.

What’s included in your small group personal training programme?


  • Small Group Personal TrainingOne-two private personal training session per month designed specifically to your goals and to ensure you progress and don’t plateau
  • A tailor made programme that is specific to your goals
  • Three-six small group personal training sessions per month (one or two per week)
  • A motivating environment with a maximum of 4 other like-minded individuals striving towards their goals
  • Guidance from your personal trainer during your sessions, specifically in regards to weight selection, technique and alternative exercises to ensure you progress

So if you’re ready to get started then book to join our small group personal training programme and we will get started on our first programme. We will discuss your current lifestyle, goals and conduct a movement analysis so be prepared to block out 60 minutes. We will then show you your first programme and email your individualised programme card over to you ready for your group session.