Meet the Team

My studio is my pride and joy, as is the fitness industry. I have been fortunate enough to carve a career out of my passion and worked with some of the best fitness trainers, presenters and programmes from around the world. As a result this has set my standard high. My aim was to create a personal training space that delivered results for you and met some very key values for me:

  1. To be welcoming, non-intimidating, friendly and supportive to all
  2. To be expert, professional, highly trained and results driven
  3. To be respectful, caring and go beyond the ‘paid by the hour’ approach to personal training
  4. To be innovative, passionate, knowledgeable and pass this onto clients

Not any personal trainer can join my team. Only trainers who I feel embrace my values and feel the same way work with me at the studio and as such, no matter which trainer you work with you will receive all of the above. Along with following my values, each trainer also meets the below criteria:

  1. Fully qualified at a minimum level 3 personal trainer
  2. Fully insured and on the Register of Exercise Professionals
  3. Personally fit, healthy, engaging in events and activities that inspire and lead by example
  4. They engage in continued professional development gaining at least one new qualification each year
  5. They attend monthly meetings, training and up-skilling with myself and each other


Recruitment – I am always looking for talented and dedicated personal trainers and group exercise instructors to join the team, so if you would like to become part of the studio please email with a full CV.


KT Chaloner

KT Chaloner

I have been in the fitness industry for what feels like forever! I’ve had many different roles across many different countries, which has been truly fantastic. Over the years I have helped: companies design programmes, the government write, standardise and gain funding for qualifications, presented on fitness channels and conventions plus much much more, but nothing has compared to training individuals or small groups and watching their transformation in confidence.

Sarah Doran

Sarah Doran

Sarah has always been a sporty woman and started her passion at the age of 11 playing the less expected sport of Golf until she reached county level. More recently though she’s swapped her clubs for her trainers and about 5 years ago decided to take up running again in a bid to get healthier, fitter and drop some weight herself. This passion grew and in 2010 Sarah decided to train as a personal trainer in order to help others with their fitness and weight loss goals to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Matt Lancaster

Matt Lancaster

Matt has been involved in physical activity from an early age, having started shotokan karate at the age of 7.  He achieved his 1st dan (black belt) aged 14 and his 2nd by 17!  In his free time Matt enjoys skydiving and has competed at the British National Championships for the last 4 years winning a gold medal in 8 formation in 2014. If you ever fancy hurling yourself out of a plane, Matt is a British Parachute Association Wingsuit Coach and a current British wingsuit formation record holder. However, this isn’t included in your Personal Training  so feel free to breathe again!

Sarah Stewart Physiotherapist

Sarah Stewart

Sarah Stewart MSc MCSP MAACP – Senior Chartered Physiotherapist

Sarah is an experienced and fully chartered musculoskeletal physiotherapist. She qualified in 2007 from Kings College London with an MSc honours in Physiotherapy and is currently working towards a further Masters degree in Advanced Physiotherapy Practice. She has worked both within the National Health Service and the private sector.