Online Training with KT Chaloner

Online Training

Online training is for those who want or need to exercise at home for whatever reason. You may need the flexibility regarding when you exercise. You may have childcare issues. You may feel too nervous to come to a personal training studio or you may have budget constraints. Whatever the reason, online training provides you with a whole package to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be in relation to your health and wellbeing.

I have created two online training packages, but hopefully they’ll be more to come. Both are based on two of my most popular studio based programmes that have been delivering amazing results – Skinny Jeans school and Booty Bootcamp. The first is very much about weight loss and aimed at beginners. The second is very much about torching maximum fat and aimed at those who’ve been exercising a while, but reached a plateau in their results. Both programmes are ‘complete’ as I like to call them, which means they include full body workout routines, meal plans and recipes. Skinny Jeans school also includes weekly nutrition and education guides delivered right to your inbox to really help beginners improve their knowledge and take control of their nutrition.

How do you choose a programme?

If you answer mainly yes to these questions then Skinny Jeans School is for you: Skinny Jeans School

  • Have you tried every diet under the sun for many years and feel disappointed with long term results?
  • Do you struggle to lose weight or maintain any weight loss you’ve accomplished?
  • Do you have an idea about healthy eating, but feel overwhelmed with all the information out there so you’re not sure what you should and shouldn’t be eating, nor how much?
  • Are you new to exercise and only really dabbled in attended classes on and off?
  • Do you exercise, but only doing cardio like the treadmill or cross trainer, but have no idea about weights?
  • Would joining a gym intimidate you and leave you feeling too nervous and self conscious to attend?
  • Would you like to go through a programme with like-minded women all in the same situation supporting each other?

Skinny jeans school has been helping women lose weight successfully since 2014. A relatively new programme, but the results have been incredible. The programme was originally designed as a stand alone 8 week programme, but demand has meant I’ve now created a follow on programme (term 2) and a graduate school so women can stay part of skinny jeans school for as long as they want. With women writing to me saying it’s “The best non-diet, diet they’ve ever been on”, Skinny jeans school really has helped women take control of their nutrition and they feel completely empowered and in control of their weight – something they’ve struggled with all their life. There are so many success stories you can read about on skinnynjeansschool, but if you’ve heard enough get started now!

If you answered Yes, then Skinny Jeans Virtual School is the programme for you. You can read more about it by clicking here or simply BUY NOW to start your 8 week to weight loss success programme for only £49!


Booty BootcampIf you’re not a beginner and weight loss isn’t your main goal, then maybe Booty Bootcamp is a better option. If you answer yes to most of the below, then this is the right programme for you.

  • Do you, or have you regularly exercised but feel you’ve reached a plateau and have stopped getting results?
  • Do you need a 4-week totally body blast to kick start your motivation or get you ready for a holiday, wedding, the summer?
  • Do you have a good idea about healthy nutrition, but would like someone to just plan the next four weeks of meals for you, including shopping lists?
  • Do you have the motivation to exercise, you just need a new programme to follow?

Booty Bootcamp is not for the faint-hearted. This programme includes 6 home workouts that are quite frankly FIERCE. They have everything from cardio training, to upper body strength training, to booty blasts to a plyometric challenge. These workouts will burn fat and tone your physique fast. When completed alongside the recommended meal plans this programme is truly a 4-week transformation.

If you’ve answered yes to the above questions then booty bootcamp is the programme for you. You can click here to read more about it of if you’re ready to get going then BUY NOW! Only £25 for an entire 4-week transformation programme!