Personal Training with KT Chaloner

Personal Training

If you’re seeking a personal trainer in Chester then you’ve decided your goals are important and you can’t achieve them alone. Some personal trainers believe their ‘work’ starts and ends with the 60minute session you’re paying for – this isn’t good enough and this isn’t the case at KT Chaloner’s Studio in Chester. Personal Training is exactly that – PERSONAL. As such your programme is designed around what you need to achieve your goal and includes: Your 121 sessions, nutritional advice, measurements, home workouts and ongoing contact. To find out more about how we can help with your goal, simply click below on the area that most suits your goal and see how we can help you get results

10 benefits of having a personal training membership with me and my team at my Chester studio
Rather than having ‘A Personal Trainer’ I like to provide you with membership to a Private Personal Training Studio meaning you can really tailor your package to your goal, your budget and your time constraints. This approach is designed with you in mind and comes with many benefits:

  1. Everyone benefits from an initial consultation, measurements and movement analysis
  2. Everyone benefits from a progressive exercise programme over a number of months with early emphasis being on technique to avoid injury later
  3. Everyone benefits from a lifestyle consultation and ongoing food diary analysis to ensure we move you towards healthy eating and keep you on track
  4. Everyone benefits from initial submersion in learning what the food industry doesn’t want you to know and then ongoing nutritional advice and meal planning options
  5. Everyone benefits from home workouts and holiday programmes for optimal results
  6. Everyone benefits from having the opportunity to join our exclusive group session to top up your weekly personal training programme (see class timetable)
  7. Everyone can build upon their 121 programme by adding in other courses and classes such as aerial pilatesskinny jeans school and booty bootcamp at discounted rates
  8. Everyone can benefit from our joined up approach with our onsite physiotherapist Sarah Stewart of CoActive Physio
  9. Everyone is invited to our studio team events such as 10km runs, hellrunner, climbing the three peaks in order to achieve something you wouldn’t normally do
  10. Everyone is invited to our social gattherings, dinners out and race day events

…. and that’s all for what other personal trainers charge for just one hour, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch now for your complimentary consultation. Prices start from £140/month for one session a week. For more information choose your main goal below and read about how we can help.

Get fit with personal training with kt chaloner

Improved Fitness

For some of you improved fitness is about completing a race or pushing your body to the extreme, for others it is simply a case of becoming healthier or maintaining a volume of fitness as you age to continue to enjoy your life to it’s fullest. Regardless of the goal, improved fitness requires a specially designed programme to improve your heart and lung efficiency. Everyone starts from a different place, but everyone finishes with an improved quality of life from improving their fitness.

Get lean with personal training with kt chaloner

Increased Muscle & Definition

If your goal relates to increased muscle or sculpting the muscle you’ve built then personal training is a great helping hand to make this happen. Many factors can affect getting the right result when it comes to goals that involve gaining muscle or getting lean. Everything from plateau to overtraining to under-eating to over-eating. This is why we will create a programme that is very specific to you.

Lose weight with personal training with kt chaloner

Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most popular goals we see at the studio and no doubt will continue to see for many years to come. Despite there being an abundance of expensive diets, latest trends and costly solutions, many still dont get the results they are looking for. We bypass all the ‘gimmicks’  in favour of a simple and honest approach to weight loss success. So far it’s worked for clients and many achieve long term weight loss success with results that last. 

Muddy event training with kt chaloner

Muddy Event Training

Muddy events or obstacle races are not for everyone, but more and more people are signing up for them and rising to the challenge or finishing one of these races, and why not! Everyone has the capability, but with personal training we can design a programme specifically to get you around the course in a good time with the least amount of pain! You might as well enjoy it after all…

Personal training for stress and anxiety with kt chaloner

Stress & Anxiety Relief

In today’s busy and hectic world more and more people are having to live with stress, anxiety and depression. Whilst personal training isn’t supposed to replace medical intervention, combining the right exercise programme with a healthy eating regime can help you feel better by improving your sleep, boosting your self confidence and improving your mood due to the release of endorphins

Ante/post natal exercise with KT Chaloner

Ante/Post Natal

Firstly, congratulations! You’re either about to become a (new) mum or already are. Whether you’re looking to be in optimum health during your pregnancy or get back to health post pregnancy, then I can help. This is a special time for you, your body and your baby so it’s essential you make sure you get professional guidance to help you stay safe, effective and healthy throughout. We would be delighted to help you with this, and as our studio is private, you can bring your baby too!

Injury rehabilitation training with kt chaloner

Injury Rehabilitation

Personal training for injury rehabilitation covers many areas. Some of you may be getting back to exercise after an injury or minor operation whilst others under-take a rehab programme after deciding enough is enough when it comes to their constant niggling back pain or joint issue. Either way, we work closely with our onsite physiotherapist to ensure your programme is right for you.