Ante/post natal exercise with KT Chaloner

Ante/Post Natal

Firstly, congratulations! You’re either about to become a (new) mum or already are. Whether you’re looking to be in optimum health during your pregnancy or get back to health post pregnancy, then I can help. This is a special time for you, your body and your baby so it’s essential you make sure you get professional guidance to help you stay safe, effective and healthy throughout. We would be delighted to help you with this, and as our studio is private, you can bring your baby too!

Exercise whilst pregnant Exercising during and after pregnancy requires a specialised and unique programme. Your body has been flooded with hormones and changed physiologically, structurally and psychologically to help the baby grow and prepare you not only for labour, but also the immediate post-natal period. As such, you need a specific programme that is both safe and effective to get back on track. An added bonus for new mums is due to us being a private studio, you have the option to bring your baby with you. We’re happy to keep baby occupied whilst you focus on training. That way, you can fit your training into yours and your baby’s schedule.

Staying healthy during and after your pregnancy with exercise is easy if you have the right trainer to help you remain safe and effective both during and after pregnancy

There are two main phases regarding exercise and pregnancy and both have different limitations and goals for a safe and effective programme. During this time your baby is not only your priority, but often your extended families too, so you may hear some resistance towards you exercising during this time. For most, exercise is great throughout your pregnancy and can help with labour, but for some, exercising during pregnancy isn’t the right way forward and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through general activity such as walking is a better way. We don’t recommend exercise during pregnancy for women who:
  1. Are having twins or multiple babies
  2. Have previously had a miscarriage prior to getting pregnant (this time)
  3. Have a history of pre term labour

It also includes women who suffer with or develop during their pregnancy (and exercise programme): IUGR, Incompetent cervix, pre eclampsia, severe anaemia, vaginal bleeding, placenta praaevia or ruptures of membrane. However, most women will have a wonderful pregnancy and although nervous, exercising can form part of this pregnancy and there are many benefits of doing so. You can read more about each phase below, but if you’re ready to start then get in touch with me now to see how together we can create a programme that is unique for you and your baby.

Ante Natal Exercise

Exercising doing your pregnancy can have many benefits such as:

  • It can alleviate back ache during your pregnancy
  • More oxygen rich blood reaches the placenta, which is better for the baby
  • It can increase your endurance levels to help during labour
  • You are less likely to suffer stress incontinence and prolapse
  • You are more likely to have a quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight

However, this isn’t the time to START a fitness programme if you haven’t previously been exercising. I get a lot of enquiries from women who have found out their pregnant and want to start personal training to prevent excessive weight gain. The “rule” (and this isn’t one we will budge from) is to keep the same ‘environment’ for baby during pregnancy that he/she had during conception. In other words, if you are not an exerciser don’t start now. If you have been exercising then providing there are no complications you can continue. We will design a programme that will keep you fit, healthy and ready for the birth of your child. As experts, we know which exercises are good for you, which to avoid and which to adapt throughout the three trimesters of your pregnancy. If you are pregnant and want an expert to help you continue with exercising the get in touch with me now for your free consultation.

Post Natal Exercise

Getting back to exercise after giving birth can vary for many people. But providing you’ve had clearance at your 6 week check then there can be many benefits such as:

  • You may have a quicker and healthier return to pre-pregnancy weight
  • It can provide a social support network outside of ‘baby’ for you
  • It can significantly assist with post natal depression
  • It can help get the pelvic floor muscles back into gear!

There are a few considerations when starting back to exercise and all of these will be discussed during your consultation. Whether you’ve had a C section. Whether you’re breast feeding. Whether your abdominal area has started to knit together or if you’re suffering from diastasic Recti. All of these are taken into consideration when creating your post natal programme to provide you with a safe and effective route back to exercise. If you have recently given birth and are looking to get back to exercise under the guidance of an expert, then contact me now for your free consultation.


No Babysitter No Problem

Post Natal ExerciseThe easy answer is bring the baby with you! The privacy of my personal training studio in Chester makes it a perfect environment for you to park the baby up and take some time for yourself. I don’t mind stopping the session to tend to your baby and give him/her a quick cuddle or you can do whatever you need to do to make sure they’re happy. Whilst it may disrupt your session slightly,  It’s 100% better than not exercising at all, so grab your baby and let’s get you back in shape. This is a perfect time to make sure you take some time for yourself.

To discuss how I can help with your fitness programme post baby contact me now. Personal Training fees for ante/post natal specialist start from £40/session dependant on how many times a week you train.